Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Match & Natch

Getaway Day. GREAT class this morning, we are making some tremendous gains as a result of the "new" protocols. You know, speed, power, core strength.

Don't have a lot of time for exposition, but I am in search mode for constants. Those things that we do that have been established through trial and error, testing and training, cause and effect to have absolute and constant value.

There is room for discussion here, so I would like to present my initial three groups:

GROUP ONE: Some of the Time: 1) Go hard 2) Go long 3) Go faster

GROUP TWO: Most of the time: 1) Raise your heart-rate 2) Add intensity

GROUP THREE: All the Time 1) Eat better 2) Exercise more

And of course match your sox to your running shoes. Natch.


FW said...

Some of these tips might qualify:

FW said...

Did this link come through better?

Frozentriette said...

I think the three groups presented sum it up quite well. The simpler the better for me, I have nothing to add. :) (except that I like your shoes!!)

KML5 said...

Thank you, they are comfy too!! We broke them in with a 2 hour LSD run Monday night.

KML5 said...

FW, I have some comments on the article, we are riding from Pismo to Los Olivos today so they will have to wait till later. That approach might work for some of the people some of the time. Definitely not for everybody.