Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This just in. Seems Gold's Gym has taken the RCV concept to the next level. The RCV entertainment staff remains skeptical for a number of reasons with initial concerns over ratings, genre, sound, smell and safety. The general consensus is that it would be more logical (and not just from the Vulcan perspective) to:

1) FOCUS on your workout, and then,
2) Go see a movie.

As all members of the BAC HOP know, in this scenario, you can have popcorn with each.


Flying Wheels said...

How sad that so many people are so disconnected from their bodies. They can't, or don't want to, pay attention to what is going on with their bodies so they feel compelled to resort to cinematic distractions while "working out." How did so many people get to be that way? Was it an overemphasis on winning games instead of learning how to pay attention to their bodies?

KML5 said...

Most people don't know how to maintain focus longer than 5 or 6 seconds. You have heard of the attention span of Malamutes? Ask them (the people not the dogs) to hold a focus for the twenty minutes necessary to increase fitness and they will go watch TV instead. Evidently for the 60% of Americas who are obese, there are more important things to do. Those 60% also place a great importance on winning. Losers.

ej said...

Speaking of focus, take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7ehlw_phys

And, yeah, whats up with those movie watchers! How sick can you get.

KML5 said...

That is a LoL clip from the Chicago News TEAM.

I got my start in spinning when we used to set up our trainers and spin watching to Husky football games. When the O had the ball we sat and when the D was on the field we would stand and climb. Great 3 hour workout. But this is too much, agreed. How I wonder, what makes it differ from RCVs?????? Which is, after all, my livelihood?

ej said...

The difference is these people are out of shape and in the dark using the 'movie' as a distraction in order to separate themselves from something they hate. RCVs seek to put the participant closer to the action, make the exercise activity more life-like; so when the real thing comes along it is more familiar. If they could come up with a movie that motivated the activity, e.g., spinning (like music does) then I think that would be OK. The football watching example is kind of in between --- at least it is a sporting event and likely got you revved up. I like watching ski movies but not when I'm skiing. I guess if I was on one of those roller matts skiing then a movie would be cool.

KML5 said...

Excellent review Mr. Ebert, I will take that as a thumbs up. And of course my inspiration was Warren Miller (and Endless Summer).