Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Slices

Was asked for an update on the POP (Pizza Oven Project) this morning. I am applying the third layer of cladding to the dome before the fireclay finish topping coat. This another tedious phase (in a series of tedious phases) that takes more time and patience than I had initially allocated. It is especially difficult to multi-task (sorry Zen kids but I gotta do it) coming inside from the POP with mortar and brick dust everywhere to sit and try to finesse my non-linear editing system into little video slices of art. But progress, on both fronts, is being made. 

Nice RPE power session this morning as a recovery ride from yesterdays 3:45 (total time on course) monster lsd run. Amid the 2 minute seated climbs + 2 minute standing climbs + 1 minute seated summit was the musical trivia question du jour:

You know that The Beatles hold the record for most songs making it to Number One on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. You know that. There is not a song on that list that you haven't heard a thousand times. You know all the lyrics and have probably sung a chorus of many in the shower. They set the post-Elvis standard (Billboard began keeping score in 1962) at 20. That is a lot of number ones!! 

So the trivia is not the glaringly obvious: Name them, but the glaringly insidious: Who is number two on the list? The answer might surprise you as much as it did me. If you haven't already guessed or Googled, I will tell you her name tomorrow, with the follow-on caveat that I will also play one of the 18 number one's in class, if I could just figure out which one because unlike the Fab Four, I know none of the lyrics and know nary a melody line. 

On the to Monday lightening-round update:
Nice work yesterday by tough-as-nail-polish marathoner in training, and long time VBAer, Stephanie for slugging out another long slow distance. When lsd runs are considered harder than childbirth, you got the distance about right!

We are back in the running for the Olympics Mens TT course video. Hope to have the corrupt middle section re-shot with a civilized file-format in a week or two. We are less than 100 days from the big event.

Pitching a potential new client on a vehicle wrap promo for the ToC. An extraordinary value for the sponsor. On this trip, to this audience we could reach 100,000 views. People will be watching. Your logo, our rig, on-site. We deliver. The client manufactures swim, cycle and triathlon high-tech gear and garments, designed by a former space and aeronautics engineer. I came up with a tag line for the gig: Smart, Sexy and Fast. What else is there? 

Made some nice headway on the RCV wheel re-invention, testing a sweet little Canon Vixia HRF300 and some third party image stabilization software. I won't reveal any brands yet until a winner is selected and tested. The guys in the home office are testing likewise to bring YOU the next generation of CompuTrainer Real Course Video. The new RacerMate One software is getting some nice reviews from the beta testers, several commenting on the ease of interface with the RCVs. YES!!

The sun is shining again dear ones. I have the center section of the day to hit production mode at top speed. There is work to be done. Life to live. Little slices of art to create. 

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