Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Feet II

Speaking of feet…I did the monthly foot maintenance routine Saturday night (did I mention I am a cheap date?). Here is the hot-foot protocol:

1) Clip toenails (this is a must for runners)

2) Use the HD emery board to remove dead skin

3) Soak in Epsom salted tub of hot water for 30 minutes

4) Rub with peach scrub

5) Insert into soft cotton socks and elevate

After a week of ramp-up run training, that climaxed yesterday with an 18 miler, this treatment feels almost as good as a foot massage. For those of you enjoying the benefits of partnership, or having disposable income (you don't hear THAT much anymore) to afford professional treatment, number six on the protocol list would include a foot massage. This is guaranteed to elicit some deep relaxation, the adulation of your partner and/or a negative split in your next event.

Which just so happens to be….Toe Jam 32! Our celebration of thirty-two consecutive years of running 13.1 of the hilliest miles this side of Pike's Peak. We have done it the last four years under the radar of the "official" TJ Half Marathon because they bastardized the course (and overall event) so badly that it is now defunct. One of the most difficult halves in the country (and 'most difficult' defaults to one of the best), gone TU. Shameful.

BUT WE WILL ENDURE!!! We will carry the torch forward again this year on Sunday, April 15. Forget about your deductions and come run a taxing and testing 13.1 starting at 1000 from the old start/finish at Bethany Lutheran Church on Finch Rd. Take the money you'll save from the entry fee (our event is free) and send it to your Uncle Sam. There is one water station, a marked course, and a T-shirt exchange at the finish. What you eat and drink afterwards will be determined by what you, or your compassionate peers, bring. Does this sound too good to be true? OK, not yet? How's this: Anyone beating my 1:41:23 time of last year gets a gift cert for 30 min foot massage at the BAC*.

Thank me now because at the moment the grade changes at the left off of South Beach to 15% and you head up the course namesake, you probably won't be thanking anybody for anything.

So make sure your feet are ready. You can thank yourself for that.

*If more than one (as should be) a random drawing will determine winner.

Pic: Feet go here.

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Anonymous said...

So sad to be missing it this year. I'll be on my way back from sunny (hopefully) San Diego! Have a great time!