Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Update

The Monday Update:

1) Don't forget (how could you with that GIANT RED sharpie circle) around this Sunday, April, 15 at 1000. It's TOE JAM 32. Thirty Two consecutive years we have been running this monster half-marathon and we aren't about to stop just because there is no "official" event for us to run counter to. Although truth be known I always liked the idea of running under the radar as bandits!!! Start and finish is Bethany Lutheran Church on Finch Rd. If you plan on showing please use the comment feature below so I know how many trophies I would have had to buy.

2) We are under way with our FTP testing for the Spring Stage Knock-Out Indoor Cycling Tournament @ BAC. This just in: Tom at BI Cycles has generously agreed to provide a special tune-up service AND awards for this prestigious event. If you plan on participating you MUST go to the FB page and select one of the seven test dates. We did two this morning, with another pair this evening. Just click on the CT club jersey at left for instant transport to the FB site.

3) We have one spot reaming for the Tour of California trip, May 13-21. We have also added a couple of rides, the first being 40 miles from South of San Francisco to Aptos (the finish for ToC Stage Two) and the 33 mile loop around Crater Lake on the ride home Monday May 20. All it costs is your share of gas, food and lodging.

4) I made some serious progress on the PO (pizza oven) over the long sunny weekend. Today the cladding gets installed along with some dome finish bricks. We have hit the home stretch folks, it won't be long before we do the inaugural ride/run brick to celebrate. That's amore!

All for today, I simply cannot allow this ideal workout/workon weather to pass without progress. As mentioned this morning, we have worked hard, diligently and consistently all winter. The time has come to take it to the streets!



Stephanie Rohl said...

I will be there (TJ Half) in spirt. I'm sure you'll have great a great time! My run will around Fiesta Island, Mission Beach and back through Mission Bay. Good work on the PO!

KML5 said...

Have a great run in SD!!! Being a veteran of TJ31, you are excused! Plant extra basil, too, please.