Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spilled Wine

I stop at the Safeway after our Tuesday and Thursday morning class to grab whatever sundry items are missing from my bodega and to buy a protein drink. After our challenging 'Four Bills' session, I was wandering the perimeter searching for quality, organic, healthy and on-sale foods (try it sometime if you need additional frustration in your morning), when I came upon a touch of chaos in the wine department. Seems the boys are doing a re-set, moving all the fermented grape to allow the installation of new flooring. That is my guess anyway, I didn't spend a lot of time getting official confirmation. Adding sadness to the frustration was the carnage created during the move. Shown is $22.95 of Pinot Nior that has ended it's cycle in a somewhat less than celebratory fashion. My Italian grandfather used to say that it wasn't an authentic Italian gathering unless there was some spilled wine on the tablecloth. I am now sure what he would say about this. Gentlemen, please be careful!!!

In case you are wondering what exactly the Four Bills protocol is, I will detail here:

Five minute warm up.

Four minute standing climb at gear 16 (Keiser), RPE 7 (LeMond) or 250 watts (CompuTrainer).

Seated 400 watts (four bills) for 30 seconds.

Seated light resistance spinout (default) at 120 RPM for 30 seconds.

Add 1 gear, one RPE unit, 50 watts per repeat.

Get to 22 (Keiser), RPE 10 (LeMond) or 650 (CompuTrainer) and then reverse (descending values) until 60 minutes has elapsed.

Cool down.


Visit Safeway for protein smoothie.

In between sessions today (we'll repeat the protocol this afternoon using "Three Queens" power - 300 watts), I will press ever onward and upward on the pizza oven project (now known affectionately as the POP). Both dome archways are in and I have finally found suitable flat iron for the facade arches and oven door frame. If I can finish her by June it will represent bringing it in nearly ten months behind schedule and almost four bills over budget.

Time and cost like spilled wine. Can't cry over 'em. Salute!

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