Friday, April 13, 2012

SMART goals are:

Friday's are, as you know, my off-day. Not a day off mind you, but a day for rest and recovery. A day to allow the miracle of rejuvenation to unfold as muscles rebuild and mitochondria multiply. Towards the end of last night's final double-session I was feeling a little 'resistance' from one of the strings that bind the right ham together. Nothing major, more a subtle reminder that a day of R&R is both necessary and timely. It remains one of the great ironies of training that the actual gains are made as we rest, not while we labour.

In between sessions yesterday I continued cleaning Frankie's place. The plan is to get everything out and then make an assessment. Sell 'as is' or repair and hope to attract a higher price as fruit of labour. I moved a dresser and an old work bench from downstairs and loaded up the dishwasher that never saw the light of the kitchen, sitting under a blue tarp on the deck for about five years. I also thumbed through another box of books that are headed to Goodwill. Found a gem called Lists to Live By (second collection) by Grav, Stevens and Van Diest. You know I am a sucker for books and headed back to the cabin leafing through the compilation.

This one caught my immediate attention: SMART GOALS ARE:

1) Specific

2) Measurable

3) Achievable

4) Realistic

5) Timed

I wondered aloud: Are they talking about us? It sure seems like the goals we are chasing in the HoM, with the CompuTrainer Multi-Rider and with our relentless pursuit of power (fitness or optimum health). They fit nicely into the SMART GOALS ARE category.

Tonight is Boy's Night in the HoM. Another set of FTP testing prior to the opening round of the Spring Stage Knock-Out Tournament. Twenty all-out minutes on the CT will specifically measure achievable and realistic goals as accurately timed by the CompuTrainer. There must an acronym for that.

Here is the trending to date on the Boy's being re-tested tonight:

Name First test Post MiM %Inc TONIGHT?

Tony 228 238 4.3

Garry 226 243 7.5

Jeff 250 284 13.6

Chris H 250 261 4.4

I was going to test tonight as well, but then I remembered the R&R principal and decided to go do a few meters in the pool instead.

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