Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CT MR @ BAC Myth Busters

CompuTrainer Multi-Rider @ BAC


Myth: The CompuTrainer Multi-Rider System is for elite athletes, advanced cyclists and Ironman types only.

Fact: At its essence, the CompuTrainer is a super accurate electric bicycle ergometer. That means that through advanced technology very precise measurements are taken, in real time, to provide the user with reliable and important data that is stored, displayed and used to build fitness and training programs to maximize one's limited exercise time. It makes no difference whether the users are novice or experts, veterans or beginners, racers or riders, fit or not. What we do is provide an enjoyable and valuable exercise experience to enhance one's fitness.

Myth: I have to be fast to use the CompuTrainer.

Fact: Speed is a component of power. Power is what we develop. Makes no difference whether you start with 1 watt or 100 watts. Power, and power to weight ratio, is all relative. YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE. And that somewhere, my friends, is where you are right now.

Myth: I have to have a good bike to use the CompuTrainer.

Fact: You don't have to have a bike at all. Yes, it is one of the myriad functions to train on your bike, in your racing geometry, but if weight loss, or power gain is your primary goal, we have an assortment of bikes you can use to achieve amazing results. Once you are convinced that this is the real deal (and it is) you can upgrade or bring in your new ride.

Myth: I would be embarrassed or intimidated riding with accomplished cyclists.

Fact: I can say this unequivocally; We do not discriminate. We are here to support. You are on our team. Everyone wants you to experience the same thrill and motivation that at one point we all went through. We know how hard it is and appreciate your effort. There is something that you have, a smile, a laugh, a character trait, that you will bring to us reciprocally. I can also say that some of our greatest rewards come from watching and helping others get started and seeing their immediate gains and quantum improvements.

Myth: It is too expensive:

Fact: The CompuTrainer Multi-Rider System costs less than ten dollars per session. Want some perspective? A large pizza at the Tree House is almost $28. A new carbon bike at BI Cycles is four grand. Twenty bucks a week to tune your motor (so you can occasionally enjoy a pizza) is cheap. Ask your doctor.

Myth: I don't want to train with people I don't know.

Fact: One of the beautiful things about the MR System is that we can handle up to four people simultaneously, all training at very precise wattage levels that accelerate physiological improvement. Put together a team of your pals, your tennis partners, your golf foursome, your bingo buds, and call for an initial assessment. Twice a week we'll meet as a group and push you down the path to fitness.

Myth: I can't get to the Gym at 5am or 5pm.

Fact: Another beautiful thing (and yes there are many) about the CompuTrainer is its versatility. We can use the system any time the BAC is open, outside of Spin Class hours. That is roughly 16 available hours per day.

Myth: My butt will hurt.

Fact: Not as much as a heart attack, diabetes, or a stroke will.

Myth: You are too hard to contact.

Fact: 842.1099 is home. 360.674.8128 is my cell. kevinlynchx5@gmail.com is my email RCVman.blogspot.com is the blog and CompuTrainer Multi-Rider @ BAC is our Facebook site. Those all failing you can leave a post-it note at the Bainbridge Athletic Club front desk.

Myth: I understand you are not a Nike fan.

Fact: I am not, however they once created one of the most successful ad campaigns of all time, of which I AM a great fan:


Cool Nike commercial.

Cool Lance commercial.

Semi-cool CT MR @ BAC commercial.

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