Saturday, May 23, 2009

SG Preview

Just back from the StG RCV preview shoot. We had well over 60 riders with us on this perfect day for a 66 miler. Tough course, mates! This one is gonnna separate the contenders from the pretenders mucho pronto. Serious climbing pretty much right outta the gate and some nice faces to attack at several points. It'll be a real test. But more on all that later. We made it through with only a couple of missed turns, the first costing us 40 minutes and a chance to catch the fast group. we ended up getting only about half of the riders in the shoot as a result of my missing that one turn. Mea maxima culpa. Took a quick look at the last tape and it looks great, so we'll rush it thru the render and shake process asap to get it over to Roger. I told everybody that Sept. might be reasonable release date, so we'll see how she goes from here. Thanks to Jeff, Tonya, Alex, Jim at La Quinta and all the riders who made it today. I hope you all had as much fun in front of the camera as I did behind. Stay tuned, I'll post some video clips as they come out of the first render, maybe end of next week. Adios St. George, see ya next May 1!!!

Pix: The swim at T1, Sand Hollow.
The new dash monitor system at mile 40.
The last group at T2 awaiting the RCV shuttle back to T1.

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